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How to Overcome Your Dating Fears and Find Love

Here is just a small list of very VALID fears most women have when dating. I am listing them out because I want you to see that you’re NOT ALONE. You have every RIGHT to feel this way and it’s all completely normal. 

…but you ALSO understand that you need to help the Universe a little bit in connecting you with your person and get out there and be findable and meet men if you’re going to meet Mr. Right….

Here’s a solution: My nearly done-for-you dating program that will show you exactly HOW to meet MR. Right in as few dates as possible (like as few as 2 -5) and an average of 10, and avoid all the drama from:

  • falling too fast
  • being let down
  • having to let others down
  • putting yourself out there again and not doing it “right”
  • being in your power and coming across as too strong
  • being rejected
  • not being in your power and getting taken advantage of
  • liking the multiple attention and then having to choose
  • choosing the wrong one
  • choosing the wrong one, again
  • never finding one man that can be enough for you
  • worrying that multiple dating will take up too much bandwidth 
  • feeling obligated to text with multiple people and getting confused, frustrated, and drained
  • liking more than one person and not knowing how to choose
  • worried you’ll never know what to wear
  • worried about giving the wrong impression
  • worried you’ll forget all your tools and fall into anxiety

Feeling drained because…….

  • You don’t look forward to having to decide where to meet
  • You don’t look forward to having to decide what to wear
  • You don’t look forward to having to reject someone
  • You don’t look forward to the MONEY conversation. Who TF pays?

All in all it’s a total mess and you’d rather just stay out of it. Am I right?

will food challenges make it complicated?

  • will my veganism/veganism/paleo diet be a problem?
  • what if I never find someone that gets it?
  • How to make dating fun instead of stressful? 
  • How to stay in my power and not lose it or give it up? 
  • How to not lose myself again? 

Here’s some more I’ve heard:

I’m nervous about someone not being a fit for me and he doesn’t take no for an answer and pursues me. 

I worry about attracting the wrong type and not being able to get rid of him and him doing something to hurt me or my family. 

All these worries are VALID!!! 

Add any others you can think of in the comments to help women reading this know that they are NOT alone!

So that’s why I created my Everything Dating program that starts June 27th, and doors are open for enrollment now. I have 6 spots left and there are 11 total. 

It’s not going to magically disappear ALL your fears, but pretty darn close. Because the Everything Dating program will ADDRESS each and every one of these and how to navigate them.

We start June 27th, and the program is limited to 11 women. We are half full so there are still spots open if you want in!

I will hold your hand as you go on EACH and EVERY date by offering unlimited messenger/voxer/whatsapp/telegram support.

You must take the 5-10 min calls from the men and go on the dates, but I will teach you the EXACT method I finally figured out that I used to meet my hubby (I went on close to 500 dates) and my clients use to meet their guy in an average of 10 dates but in as few as 2-5 dates!

This is for single women who don’t WANT to be single and also don’t want to date! LOL

THIS container is meant to teach you nearly effortless dating for HIGH VALUE masculine men.

You will learn HOW to know who is a masculine man, how to connect with a high value masculine man on a date in a way that doesn’t drain you and you don’t have to be “on,” and the #1 thing you need to show up with that will show him you’re a high-value woman.

So this is a LIVE group program I am offering starting June 27th for 11 women *6 spots left* who want to learn how to date in a way that feels nurturing, fun and easy while at the same time selecting effortlessly for high quality masculine men who are ready for a committed relationship.

Learning this ONE skill will keep you from staying single forever, staying in relationships with the WRONG men and end the cycle of constantly attracting the wrong men.

You will also never feel there is scarcity around men ever again because I will show you EXACTLY how to procure an abundance of introductions to high quality men anytime you want. 

Many of my clients meet their match in our 8 week container at a rate of 1-2 dates a week, using this EXACT strategy.

If you’re interested in this program, just send me a PM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to make sure it’s a fit and if so, you can register for one of the 6 spots right away.

The program will be weekly group QA calls, private FB group and unlimited personal 1-1 customized support for ALL participants via voice note app of choice such as messenger/whatsapp/telegram/voxer.

On the group calls we will log into a dating platform and a program participant’s actual likes/messages (want to volunteer we do yours?) and I will coach through how to answer all the messages in a way that will save you hours and hours.

We will role play first and second phone calls (5-10 minutes) and how to conduct them so you save your energy and invite getting asked on a date from the masculine man you’re speaking with.

I will answer any and all questions dating, femininity, masculinity, attraction and men.

The investment for this container is $1111 and is limited to 11 women and I teach it LIVE!!

This group program will run for 8 weeks with a total of 8 group calls and a class FB group where I will personally answer any and all questions within 24-48 hrs.

All calls will be recorded. They will take place on Thursdays at 10 am PST until 11 am PST, starting on Thursday June 27th, 2024.

This is your opportunity to learn drama free, beautifully boundaried FEMININE dating that attracts high quality men, saves you a ton of energy, drama and heartache.

Send me a PM if this resonates with you and you want IN!

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • are convinced that there are no quality men left
  • don’t want to date at all or use online platforms to procure introductions
  • are not willing to go on 1-2 dates procured through this method per week
  • are having mental health problems that require therapy
  • are currently in a relationship
  • are breaking up or have just broken up with a toxic person (because then you need emotional healing, not a dating strategy)

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