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Awakening Feminine Power: Healing & Sacred Love Mastery

Collapse time and tap the quantum are just woo woo expressions that annoy TF shit out of me lol ……. but I can tell you that it does happen when we use our feminine creative consciousness to create sacred partnership.

It takes as long as it takes but at the same time, the number of sessions you get with me gives you the result you most desired when you signed up. It’s a divine dichotomy.

For some it’s healing, for some it’s really understanding this dating thing so that it’s fun and nourishing and for others you may be already ready for your soulmate with inner work mostly done and we just have a little more pruning to do, some dating strategy popped in and then a bit of understanding men – and… DONE!

It doesn’t go that fast for everyone because some women come in needing to decouple and clean up everything that didn’t go right with a previous relationship.

Often she settled.

She played small.

The Struggles of Earning Worth: Society’s Distorted Expectations

She didn’t believe she deserved a day off or at the beach so she tried to earn it by cooking extra dinners, being super helpful with her man’s taxes lol, or even getting a second draining job to contribute financially as a trade off.

She did ALL of that because she believed she had to EARN her worth, being loved, rest.

I am not even going to get started about hustle and grind culture here, which we ALL know by now, is a THING.

She sacrificed.

She didn’t speak up for what she needed when she needed it.

She didn’t know HOW to ask for what she needed in a way that inspired him to provide.

Earning didn’t work.

Neither did compensating or overcompensating by over-giving.

So next she tried manipulating.

Because no one taught her co-creating……

….and how to pick the right energy man that WANTS to do that with you!

She took something away to demonstrate that her needs weren’t being met.

She took away the first thing she could – and in most cases it’s sex.

Then she comes into my container saying I haven’t wanted to kiss him or have sex with him in months.

I do it out of obligation and duty.

I am so disgusted by him I can’t handle his shit anymore.

But of course that further complicates the issue because now she’s not getting her needs met AND she’s sacrificing and compromising (in an effort to earn the right to have her needs met) AND at the same time she’s giving something she doesn’t truly desire to give so she is getting resentful.

And resentment does KILL, folks!

I can’t tell you HOW MANY women this happens to.

I am SO sorry if you’re seeing yourself in here, you probably have at some point done some version of this, I know I did!


It’s not on purpose.

It’s not because you’re a bad woman, of course.

It’s not because you’re unworthy!

It’s just because no one taught you how to do this relationship thing.

No one taught you how to understand and wield the energetics of masculine and feminine energy in a way that honors your divine being and co-creates a fulfilling lasting love!

No one taught you how to KNOW what is the core energetic (masculine or feminine) of your being and how to choose a complement partner.

Awakening to Authentic Power: Beyond Wounded Energies

It just happens by accident. Or so we are trained to think………

You pick a partner that seems attractive somehow.

Usually nowadays women are operating out of wounded masculine and men are operating out of wounded/disempowered feminine.

Make NO mistake that this is NOT an accident.

This is a carefully crafted social manipulation agenda to divide the family unit and to thwart sacred union.

I am not gonna pussyfoot around this anymore lol. Not that I ever did, but I was focusing on HOW you can heal, WHAT you can do…

But now your empowerment ALSO requires AWAKENING.

It’s TIME.

It’s time to AWAKEN fully….

to the social constructs at play that DISTORT the Divine blueprint.


Because people; men and women in sacred unions are more powerful.

Because children raised in a sacred union without distortion to their divine feminine/masculine template are closer to sovereignty than those whose orientation to the divine is distorted.

It’s not hard to see this playing out now as the transgender agenda is in full swing, maiming bodies, crushing souls and with it…these beings’ connection to the divine.

That’s because the feminine energy must SURRENDER to the divine and to the masculine.

The masculine energy must PENETRATE the divine and therefore the feminine.

Both are important energetic pathways to the divine.

But one works for a feminine being and one works for a masculine being.

The Journey to Empowered Femininity: Reclaiming the Divine Blueprint

So let’s say you’re like I was, like many women are – in your masculine warrior energy but it’s not the divine masculine it’s the wounded masculine.

You will “behave” like you’re masculine not because that’s your authentic spiritual blueprint or divine design but because this is what you learned and what society modeled to you as desirable.

A strong woman – GO RAARA

An independent woman – GO RARA

You will try to penetrate the divine as if you were a masculine being but you will be unable to because you’re a FEMININE being.

This will leave you with a broken relationship to the Divine.

Your path to God is to wait at the Gates of heaven with such divine surrender and devotion that they simply yawn open to you.

But let’s say you’re fighting. You were wounded, society told you to put your big girl panties on and man up, you’re hardened, closed, impenetrable and there is a huge solid stone castle built to surround your heart.

You truly are a damsel in distress even more so because no one knows it or can SEE it, not even you, because you’re so castled up.

You hide behind your castle wall and your tough masculine exterior and then you are enraged (because you won’t let yourself cry) why you’re attracting effeminate men and narcissists.

It’s because behind your masculine castle walls hides the wounded feminine….. and behind his sweet soft sticky effeminate exterior that pretends to be “socially safe” and “not toxic masculinity” hides his wounded masculine – a tyrant.

The energies come together in your union and they balance each other out. That’s the meaning of like attracts like.

If you’re a wounded masculine you will attract wounded feminine.

If you’re empowered feminine you will attract empowered masculine.

Empowered feminine doesn’t sacrifice, settle, compromise or play small. She doesn’t earn or compensate…..

NO healthy masculine man WANTS that from his woman.

He just wants her soft feminine heart. She CREATES.

HOW do you get to empowered feminine?

  1. release social constructs about you as a female
  2. release family of origin pressure about you as a female
  3. release and forgive yourself for pressure you put on yourself to be other than your authentic self

Emerge your true feminine self, a butterfly phoenix and a divine creatrix.

Yes… and then your man is there. Waiting with flowers.

Want help with this? Send me a dm and ask about my 6 week transformation container I am enrolling students now for the last week of August.

When you send me a DM I will respond back with a few questions to see if it’s a fit and if so you can get started with the slim online portion right away in preparation for our private sessions.

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