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Embracing the Journey to Divine Union with Unyielding Determination love

Your heart’s desire to be in divine union is WORTH walking through hell for love.


It’s worth it.

Every single moment of growth and learning about how to have a deep and fulfilling romantic relationship is WORTH it.

It’s building REAL wealth.

REAL success.

The REAL DEAL dream life.

And for most of us it doesn’t happen organically. Or easily.

It doesn’t happen without some yielding, surrendering, softening, opening, deep breathing, allowing and healing on our part that allows us to keep our heart open with our yearning.

THIS is the feminine power.

It doesn’t happen without a powerful yearning that we decide to courageously honor and embody.

Sacred union, soulmate love, powerful partnership, divine union between feminine and masculine matters now more than ever.

Because you’ve seen what’s up now in the world – the erosion of personal dignity and liberty is much harder when humanity is in sacred unions. Because sacred union requires you to be IN YOUR POWER.

That’s why there is a war on sacred union everywhere you turn and on so many levels that simply allowing yourself to admit that you want it is a rebellious act.

There is a whole other up-level that happens for a feminine woman leader who stands in her power while RECEIVING her masculine man’s gifts.

And there is a whole other up-level that happens for a masculine man who leads when HIS gifts are RECEIVED as a CONTRIBNUTION towards her spiritual mission.

And it’s NOT always FANCY. OR PRETTY. It could be romantic trips to Hawaii but it could also be simply unloading the dishwasher.

There is a multidimensional and multilayered unlocking of who you are in the world for you and for HIM.

Through him from the DIVINE comes spiritual sustenance, living water, sacred space for you and your leadership.

Because the WORLD NEEDS you. And he’s GOT you.

You’re 1000x wilder, stronger, bolder.

Because you know he’s your ROCK and he’s got your BACK.

Because you TRUST him.

You TRUST his heart.

He trusts your HEART.

There is provision for your vision. Physical anchoring, support and a cheering squad for your dreams.

As feminine leaders, we are incredibly more powerful when we are in REAL divine union than when we are the lone alpha wolf, manifesting the vehicle for our spiritual work int he world, alone.

As as wild person who has been seeking the divine spiritual person, who at 12 yrs old ran through a perfectly manicured garden in Vienna Austria to the onsite church only to discover that God WASN’T there -I can tell you that people are seeking connection to the divine more than ever.


RELATIONSHIPS is how we experience DIVINITY on EARTH.

God moves through people, nature and events to bring us connections, experiences and miracles.

Our part is to make ourselves AVAILABLE.

Our part is to PREPARE to RECEIVE.

Our part is to empty our hearts of unworthiness, guilt, shame, beliefs about what’s possible that limit us, programs or “predictions” or “indoctrination” about who and what men are.

Our part is to forgive ourselves for being imperfect and embrace the creative imperfection of our free will.

Our part is to receive compassion for our moments of hurt, betrayal dishonor and disrespect so we can heal and stand in our full divine glory.

Our part is to release anything that stands between us and the miracle.

And if you’re ready for your FULL match, I help you attract and PWRFULLY PARTNER with him in my 1-1 6 month coaching container for women who’re ready for sacred divine union with your masculine counterpart.

I help you implement my proven dating strategy while holding your highest vision of love so you can manifest it, and create a sacred space for your divine union to land in the physical reality.

I help you create that sacred space through healing, dating and understanding how to partner powerfully with men and the masculine WHILE standing in your own power.

My clients meet their match in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week.

You might have to expand your ability to receive, fortify your courage to keep the faith and take ALIGNED action to you can manifest the miracle of divine union.

IF you’re ready for soulmate love then I invite you to send me a PM. We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started next week.

Love Emilia

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