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Your Part in Creating Divine Union as a Feminine Leader

If you resonate with being a feminine leader, powerhouse, creatix, spiritual pioneer…


You’ve been wondering what is YOUR part in creating Divine Union, because you’ve been praying and praying and he hasn’t yet knocked on your door while you’re deep in meditation LOL, I want to guide you to my sacred way of dating!

No it’s not the conventional dating that you see others talk about but the sacred way of attracting your divine masculine that’s meant for a spiritual creatix like you.

The most important 3 pillars of this sacred dating way are: Healing, Dating and Partnering.

1. Healing is anything and everything you need to truly, sincerely and completely OPEN your heart SAFELY again.

2. Dating is anything and everything practical so he can FIND you that has to do with HOW to get plenty of introductions to HEALTHY MASCULINE men who are READY for a feminine partner, so you can take your pick.

3. Partnering is anything and everything that has to do with HOW to create sacred energy flow with a masculine being in your life so that you’re nourished, delighted and SAFE; and so is HE.

These are the 3 broad areas we work on in my high proximity 90 day 1-on-1 private intensive where I create a custom strategy and coaching for you based on my 20 years of experience so that you are putting your best out there to meet your Divine counterpart in this manifestation of Sacred Union you’ve been calling in.

If this piques your interest, I invite you to send me a DM with “Sacred Dating” with a link/screenshot of this post.

We can chat about potentially working together in my high proximity 1:1 container that has a 90% success rate while I also happily share some client case studies of feminine leaders like you who have manifested their divine masculine in my coaching.
Investment for my 90 days 1:1 intensive is $2777/mo or $7777 PIF

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