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Your love story may be written until now, but you can write the ending

She came to me to find her person for love..

She left with the key to courage so deep that even if she died a thousand deaths, she’d wrestle life to the ground like the unruly beast it is with poise and laughter, emerging wildly alive again.

She came to me to escape her hopelessness….


She left with wings strong enough to carry her through all the sorrows and back to the present moment again.

She came to me to not feel so alone….

She left with a heart full of magic and wisdom – a connection to the unseen order of things and her unique place in it.

She came to me to not feel so lost….

She left with a map to the uncharted watery lochs and forests within her sacred feminine heart where she could once again rest in the playful warm sand beaches of her self acceptance.

She came to me to escape the lies…

She left with a sword of truth and clarity so sharp she could use it to slice an onion skin with precision but without tears, just with poise and power and crystal clear discernment of what was hers and what wasn’t.

She healed. And forgave and released everything that was not hers to carry. And she came to a resting place within her own soul.

She opened her heart wide, very very wide now because she was living trough her courage.

Courage comes from the word cor which means heart in Latin.

That’s because courage is actually love.

It’s love for beauty and freedom and life and all of creation. It’s love so much bigger, waaaay bigger than your fears, so big you can’t help but follow its call.

You see, she came thinking she needed a dating strategy and someone to guide her out of the mire of hopelessness she felt.

She thought she was doing what she was supposed to, she thought she was a strong independent woman.

But what she didn’t know, dear wild woman, was that she was brave.

She was brave enough to trade her hard-won independence for unruly and unpredictable magic.

She was brave enough to trade her dependable self-reliant strength for softness.

She came to see that she had never been hopeless, she was just a fairy in a fallen world who had momentarily forgotten she was supernatural.

We gave away every single thing cluttering her sacred Self with perfectionism and expectations…

and freed the miraculous creature that she was.

A creature of whimsical playful delight and a heart so pure you could see God reflected in it.

And when she emerged from the wilderness of our short walk together……..there was a warm fire in her eyes, wet mud on her face and on her feet

and a smile that shone to the core of her loving heart……


There he was, with flowers.

written by Emilia Nagy

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