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Weird but Surprisingly Good: Men Respond to You, Wild Woman

Healthy masculine men lead by RESPONDING to ALL women, even wild women LOL. You’re the trendsetter with men, wild woman.

This is important because the balance, foundation, rhythm, intensity, depth, polarity, boundaries and purpose of the relationship is initiated on the very first date, BY YOU, the wild woman, the feminine.

“Empowered Women, Healthy Relationships: Taking Charge of Your Love Life”

And since healthy men respond to women (yes I know, stay with me), that means that YOU are the one that gets to DETERMINE the parameters of your relationship – not just on the first date, but as the relationship progresses.

I know when I finally actually got this, like literally “in my body” GOT THIS, my whole paradigm of who and what men were changed. And it wasn’t too long after that that I met my divine match and hubby and father of my daughter and life partner.

I also see that once my clients own their feminine power and their “role” as trendsetter and stop being afraid of the masculine subconsciously, lol, they connect with their divine match almost immediately!

It’s so crazy and counter-intuitive but your divine masculine match can’t MATCH you if you’re not in your power, because men RESPOND to women.

If you’re like most women you’re dreaming of a marriage relationship that is a true partnership, sacred union and connected on every level. Of course!

And you think you’ve done all the things to be able to create that and are ready….but…

It floors me how many spiritual women that call themselves priestesses, oracles, Sofia code initiates, metaphysical healers, and on and on – simply don’t SEE that they may be ALL of those things in their lives but they are NOT showing up that way when you’re dating and meeting men and inter-playing with the masculine polarity,


You think that because you’re in your power in other areas of your life such as business, finances, spirituality and health (CONGRATS!!!) you can use the same skills in creating a sacred union.

You think that because you have done a ton of spiritual work you are ready for a sacred union with a divine masculine man.

Unveiling the Layers: Healing Subconscious Patterns in Relationships with Men

You think that because you are psychic or able to read people fairly accurately in your healing or coaching business, you can transfer that skill to picking the right man.

And I see it ALL THE TIME; NO YOU CAN’T! You can’t because there is, for most of us, layers and layers of societal and generational programming that prevents sacred union and prevents you being in your POWER in sacred union. Why is another post…

But you can’t SEE it directly – it will only show up in your life as your RESULTS in dating drama and drama with men over and over and in how fulfilled – or lack thereof – you feel in your relationships with all men (fathers, brothers, co-workers, employees included).

You have not yet taken the deep dive into accessing and healing the overlay of subconscious patterns through which you see men as inherently untrustworthy and unsafe that keep you showing up in your dis-empowered feminine energy.

This shows up in dating like attracting drama, men that don’t choose you, men that disappoint you, playing games, getting constantly triggered, thinking that something “shouldn’t be happening,” suspecting men of cheating, subconsciously trying to use your body and sexuality to attract a man (rather than your sacred feminine heart and authentic self), being secretly afraid of men, automatically jumping to conclusions that assume the worst about men, feeling afraid to communicate honestly and directly (not trusting men), basically treating men like the enemy.

Whatever the dis-empowered feminine matrix in relationships with men is for you individually, (such as; having to sacrifice your own life to make your marriage work or to raise children, having to compromise on your desires, having to settle for someone you didn’t really want because that’s what was “the safe choice,” fearing that you have to give away your power if you want true love, fearing that your voice must be silenced for love to work), unaddressed and unhealed, it will lead to constant drama with men.

You’re not flawed for encountering so much difficulty in the realm of relationships with men. You just need to understand that healthy masculine men RESPOND to women. So if you’re showing up with all the stuff in the last 2 paragraphs, you will not create sacred partnership because the healthy men will RESPOND by leaving.

Why do healthy masculine men respond to women?

Because their instincts are: Procreate, Protect, Provide, in that order.

And they also want to HONOR the feminine because it’s such a profound gift to be in the presence of a truly feminine wild woman.

Men describe it as enlivening and irreplaceable. Like plugging into the universe.

Healthy men are SAFE. They are TRUSTWORTHY. They WOULD NOT lead a wild woman where they know she doesn’t want to go.

Only a POWERFUL wild woman who is COURAGEOUS enough to be soft and vulnerable will attract and keep such a man.

And no, you can’t think, woo woo or magic yourself there, sorry. It takes the courage to deep dive into your unconscious programming, suppressed emotions and unhealed wounds and claim that part of you – and you can do it!!!!

And I can help! So, if you’re ready to claim your feminine power in relationship to the masculine so you can create a sacred union with your divine masculine counterpart in the next 3-6 months, then I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we work on all the areas above including generational healing, understanding healthy men and the masculine, smart dating, empowered partnering and the spiritual energetics of sacred union that lay the foundation for lasting love.

My clients meet their match in an average of 3-6 months and you can too! When you send me a PM I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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